8/9/14 Columbia Falls to Flathead Lake, Big Fork

Day 6 Columbia Falls to Flathead Lake, Big Fork
8/9/14 Saturday 30 miles

IMG_4733Terrance was up and ready to go but was having trouble with the U-locks.

IMG_0294I remembered to take a camp photo in the middle of packing up. This shouldn’t be so hard!

Soon after leaving our fancy campsite we were confronted with four  lanes of Rt.2 to cross then ride. A break in traffic form the left allowed us to safely make it to the center turning lane where we stopped with feet on pavement to wait a few more minutes to cross the last two lanes. Then something strange happened. Time slowed down. Then I realized it was just the two lanes of traffic coming to a stop at a safe distance. Drivers waved us across as they waved and smiled. Was it a trap?!?!? Nope! Just people being nice. Wow! Small town Montana rocks!

IMG_0299Beautiful country roads and very, very little traffic. We really enjoyed our morning and afternoon.

IMG_0304We turned right at an apple tree and decided to enjoy some shade, chug some water and eat some apples. Well, I decided to do that. Kerry decided to also juggle to help select the tastiest apples!

IMG_0305Llamas! We are loving this section of the trip. No super spectacular jaw dropping vistas; just pretty farmland, fun hills, distant mountains and subtle amazingness.

IMG_0307Kerry at one point asked to stop and listen. All we heard were bugs. It was really nice. What a day so far!

IMG_0308I like this area.

Eventually the roads became busier and faster as we neared Big Fork. A stop at a grocery store full of weekend lake touron partiers was an accurate foreshadowing  of the crowded shitshow of a park. Far too many people, jet skis, and RV’s. Oh my. This wasn’t the quiet solitude of the lakes in Glacier, it was a party lake.

IMG_0309Still a pretty sunset though! Unknown to us, the water of the lake retains a lot of the day’s heat creating a warm micro climate throughout the night. As we walked a 1/4 mile back to our campsite the air temperature must have dropped 15 degrees before reaching our tent!

Click on through to tomorrow…… 8/10/14 Flathead Lake, Big Fork

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