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Invasion of the Tourists alleycat race

The first alleycat of 2010! sorry for the late flyer…or is it early for island time?!?! I dunno…but i do know this will be a fun race and the afterparty will be as much fun as y’all make the photos funny.

You will need a digital camera for this one and need to take photos at all the manifest checkpoints. At the last stop, your camera’s photos get dumped into a computer and we’ll watch a slideshow of vacation photos…so make it interesting!

UPDATE!!! The final stop/checkpoint/afterparty will have the slideshow and a few noshes and drinks…then we’re off for the afterafterparty to a bar to celebrate proper!!! Then let then fun begin with some slalom racing, footdown or tracksand comps! woooo-haaaa! Ride On!!!

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