The blog is up in the bike stand but please come spin the wheels!

The blog is having a few cables replaced and a new BB installed, but it’s still open for exploration! Feel free to message me about anything that needs some tuning while riding around these pages.

IMG_0182The posts from The 2014 Adventure are slooowly being written, edited and posted and I still have a thousand photos to upload and write interesting things about after 3 months on the road throughout the Northwest United States. Hopefully the beta about our route west will be useful to others wanting to link hundreds of miles of car free riding on dirt, gravel and railroad ballast while carrying 8 liters of water each! That’s some wild country far from civilization! There’s also a bunch of 4-5 year old posts imported from Key West Velo floating around in here now as well with bad photo links due to a lost host.

ChillysBizCard1flatChilly’s Bicycle Shop is a large part of my focus in general right now as I open a bicycle shop in Key West, Florida. Can’t make it down? No worries, a full online store is being built! All this while fixing lots of bicycles and selling panniers and appropriate sundries. Woohaaa! Stop by and say hi. I’m buying an espresso machine soon to increase productivity! How much maple syrup do you take?

One response to “The blog is up in the bike stand but please come spin the wheels!

  1. Brother, miss you much. Looks like you’ve got a nice shop; the wife and I will have to make a Key West trek in the near future and stop in for some coffee. Ride on!


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