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Invasion of the Tourists alleycat race

The first alleycat of 2010! sorry for the late flyer…or is it early for island time?!?! I dunno…but i do know this will be a fun race and the afterparty will be as much fun as y’all make the photos funny.

You will need a digital camera for this one and need to take photos at all the manifest checkpoints. At the last stop, your camera’s photos get dumped into a computer and we’ll watch a slideshow of vacation photos…so make it interesting!

UPDATE!!! The final stop/checkpoint/afterparty will have the slideshow and a few noshes and drinks…then we’re off for the afterafterparty to a bar to celebrate proper!!! Then let then fun begin with some slalom racing, footdown or tracksand comps! woooo-haaaa! Ride On!!!

posts of past races:
Key West Hardcore August 2009

The Summer Showdown in Old Town July 2009

Key West Hardcore recap

KW hardcore color0001
Its August, its hot, the sun is intense…lets have an alleycat! Awesome idea!
Many thanks to Paradise Tattoo, Help Yourself, Fixed Gears, Bad Boy Burritos and Conch Traders for helping out with prizes and checkpoints. Also special thanks to Don’s Place, the last checkpoint/afterparty for the hook-ups!

DSC09773The race began at the White Street Pier.

DSC09776“Get ink at Paradise Tattoo 627 Duval” and Bucco was the guest artist!

DSC09778“drink the fresh, organic goodness they give you at 829 Fleming Street” which, of course is Help Yourself. Tampa Joe chugging a shot of almost frozen organic juice as Charlie and Robbie watch.

DSC09783“have fun under the Palm Avenue Bridge” Nobody knew which side of the bridge Ray was waiting at with his sharpee.

DSC09784Goodfellow stopped in the middle of the bridge, over the water, to check to see where the checkpoint was and then carried his freakin’ bike down the side rather than ride all the way around and saved some precious time.

DSC09793Brielle was not only first, not only on a mountain bike, not only riding on knobbies, but was almost 5 minutes ahead of 2ed place! She won new cruiser tires and a floor pump.

DSC09789Everyone post race showing off their tatoos from the checkpoint at Paradise Tattoo. Thanks again to don’s place for hooking us up and showing love.

more photos and shenanigans after the jump…click below!

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The Summer Showdown in Old Town

“I have two boats in dry dock, a busted longboard and a fuckin’ busted-ass bike.” Words spoken by Jonathon, the winner of the Summer Showdown in Old Town. Actually, RJ and Rydel arrived 5 or 10 minutes earlier, by they forgot stop #7, which was to pick up a free copy of the Blue Paper. Prolly about half the racers had to run back out of Cowboy Bill’s and around the block to the Parrot, the nearest spot to grab a copy of the weekly newspaper. Suckas! So due to this and that, the winning bicycle, a $20 cruiser, beat the roadies and the fixies!

17 people met up at the end of the White Street Pier for the island’s first alleycat race and all had a great time. We had a few DQ’s due to missed stops, but most everyone finished and got a prize. All racers got a water bottle from Fixed Gears and a koozie from Cowboy Bill’s, who also hooked us up with $1 PBR’s all night. yeeee-haaaaaaw! Thanks again to Re-Cycle , Guy Harvey’s Help Yourself , Conch Traders, Turtle Kraals and Bad Boy Buttitos who were super kind with donated prizes, thanks y’all! Miami Bike Scene also covered the race.

johnathon conch cruiser
pedi eddie conch cruiser but i should have had him as a roadie
rydel fixie
amy fixie
travis conch cruiser
george conch cruiser
matt conch cruiser

Instead of putting the manifests and maps into envelopes, they were tucked inside waterbottles donated by Fixed Gears, which was the start of the surprise coconuts and mangos checkpoint tasks. Instead of signing manifests, Ray was handing out coconuts to be delivered to a house on Olivia Street. Thanks to Randesh for the coconuts. You can find him at Help Yourself chopping them open with a machete for the delicious water inside. Help Yourself was also a stop and they made everyone do a shot of super cold juice!

Brian and Agnes worked the Olivia Street surprise stop, where conch cruisers got their manifest signed, but roadies had to take a freshly picked mango back to Fixed Gears to get a signature. I am not sure how many people realized the Bill Butler Park checkpoint was down a tiny alley only two houses away!

Maya kicked ass and rode off into the sunset on the steel (and cardboard) horse she rides. Inspired by the race, she actually made a horse for her bicycle. Well done! She worked the checkpoint on the stairs at the corner of Duval and Front and made the racers go and find a tourist and make them yell, “yeee-haaaawww!”
This is a crazy story. George, on the left thought he had DFL and realized he had lost his wallet while racing. He rushed out of Cowboy Bill’s to go look for it and Matt, on the right, showed up and stole DFL from him. Matt also had a wallet he found on the street; which turned out to be George’s wallet! Dang, this town is getting small…
This was the most fixie riders ever together on this tiny island…all six of us! Amy, Amy, Patrick, ChillWill and on the far right; Peppermint Patti and Rydel who drove down from Miami for the race. Riding around Saturday night with everyone was awesome. We had road bikes, fixies, conch cruisers and even a Penny-Farthing.  

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The Showdown in Old Town alleycat race


Key West’s first alleycat race! And its gonna be tropical craziness! There’s a lot of surprises in store for the racers and prizes for both fast riders and those on obligatorily rusted conch cruisers! I have certainly slacked on my blogging and organizing here, but this will more than make up for it. We got a lot of great local sponsors already supporting us with prizes and help. Props to Patrick at Fixed Gears, a bicycle repair shop on Simonton Street; Charlie at Help Yourself, a wonderful organic and green food spot on Fleming Street, Billy at Cowboy Bill’s, the island’s only Honky Tonk Bar, Charlie and Ron at Conch Traders, a great little gift shop at Clinton Square Market and hopefully a slew of other supportive businesses. Yeeeeehaaaawwww!

OK, enough with the bill paying, what about the race? You will need a basket or a bag and please don’t forget your lock and lights. Meet at the end of the White Street Pier at 6pm to register. We need volunteers for checkpoints, please come a few minutes early and wear a cowboy hat if ya got one or bring a bandana to wear around yer neck to help the racers identify the checkpoint peoples.

The final checkpoint and afterparty is at a bar, so, unfortunately this race is 21+. But…I have worked out $1 PBR’s all night for racers and volunteers!!

I’ll post more details as the event gets closer. To all my peoples in da ‘Beat, c’mon on down. I’ll find you a hammock, tent space, floor space, whatever you need to get down here.

Here’s the back of the flyer incase y’all have no idea what an alleycat race is all about:


no hints here about the checkpoints…..sucka!