trip reports

El Canon del Pato. July 2013
Caraz to Huallanco, Peruvian Andes
26 kilometers, 35 tunnels

One television show considers this a  “most dangerous road in the world”; we found it to be an amazing mountain bike ride! We rented questionable bicycles in Caraz and rode 26 km to Huallanca passing though the Canon del Pato. It is a dramatic canyon where two mountain ranges, the Cordillera Negra and the Cordillera Blanco almost touch eachother; creating a deep canyon sometimes only several meters wide and deep enough to see little sunlight.

Pacific Coast Route. July 2012
Seattle to Santa Cruz
I rode a portion of the Pacific Coast Route from Seattle to Santa Cruz for about 4 weeks in September and October of 2012. My friend Corey, a Key West Conch, and I escaped the hot, flat summer of Key West and enjoyed pedaling in hills, hills and fog.  This is a truly amazing trip everyone should consider making!  Wooohaaa! Go ride! Ok, maybe read this first…

6/8/15 Glades/Lauderdale/Miami/Glades 3 Day Tour

A three day loop around South Florida using a bunch of trails, The TriRail, and some crazy Miami roads!


Cuba. March 2015
Mostly Viñales and a little La Habana.


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