8/8/14 Glacier National Park to Columbia Falls

Day 5 Avalanche Creek Campground, Glacier NP to Columbia Falls RV Park
8/8/14 Friday 39 miles

IMG_0283A is for Avalanche Creek Campsite! I forgot to take a picture before we broke camp and packed up our stuffs. Thanks Kerry! The riding to West Glacier was mostly downhill and most of the traffic was incoming; which was awesome!

IMG_0286This here was some fine riding! After some four-lane highway shoulder riding on Rt. 2, we turned onto dirt roads near Five Lake. There was some gated double and single track involved. Old roads. Confusing, but very entertaining. It all worked out. That’s why it’s called adventure travel!

IMG_0287We crossed one of the forks of the Flathead River as several rafts ran the rapids below.

IMG_0289The ACA map states, “At steam engine, turn left.”  We were a little worried about missing it. Ha! Nope. It’s there. Cannot be missed!

IMG_0290We stopped here for a smoothie, iced coffee and the interwebs. The staff was friendly and the food was cold and delicious. Most of our time in Glacier was out of cel reception so it was nice to catch up and let everyone know we survived seeing no grizzlies.

IMG_0292Our host at Columbia Falls RV Park leading us to our $25 site with awesome amenities! The showers were great and the bathrooms super roomy. There were free interwebs in the park! And we had just bought a rotisserie chicken and giant salad to share! The only issue was the yellow jackets. They were really into the chicken fat. I killed a few with my fork. That’s survival skills!

IMG_4731We decided to get matching bike tats to celebrate riding the Going to the Sun Road! We did it! Kerry has really only ridden in South Florida and the high point of Key West is 14 feet. Yet she’s quickly learning how to shift and climb and seems to be eating hills for breakfast!

IMG_0293Home sweet home.

Tomorrow we plan to be camped waterfront! Follow along at:
8/9/14 Columbia Falls to Flathead Lake, Big Fork

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