8/10/14 Wayfarer State Park, Big Fork

Day 7 Wayfarer State Park, Big Fork
8/10/14 Sunday 6 town miles

IMG_0313Campsite photo! It was easy as we didn’t pack up. We decided to stay an extra day rather than share the roads with all the yahoo’s with big trucks and boat trailers we’ve seen at the park. Even the rangers were happy about the Sunday exodus. We ventured out to the old town area for town food and supplies.

IMG_4735We had run out of stove fuel and expected to find some in Big Fork. Nope. I mean yes, that store is indeed called “The Mountaineer.” And yes they sell stoves. But they do not sell fuel. I asked for clarification that they had sold out of fuel. No. They don’t carry fuel. Oy. This truly is a true tourist town as we were told. And the next three days of riding are through a blank spot on the map.

IMG_0314No worries. Kerry’s from Maine, I’m a backpacker; we’ll make this work. And still eat well!

IMG_0316I found some sterno cans to cook the rice and sausages and our campfire cooked the corn and sweet potatoes. Super delicious! One of our mantras on this trip is, “If we can’t handle the Western States, we can’t handle Patagonia and South America!” We have a dream of buying one way tickets to Ushuaia and riding North for a few months or years!

Tomorrow we leave civilization for a few days.  8/11/14 Flathead Lake, Big Fork to Swan Valley Centre, Condon

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