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do office chairs belong in bike racks?


So yeah, sometimes you don’t want to walk to the bar. Obviously (i hope) driving isn’t an option. I suppose for some reason you may choose not to ride. And, every once in a while, i am sure we all will ask a friend to push us to the bar in an office chair. It happens.

But once there, what is the etiquette for the storage of the chair? Most office chairs are too low to sit at a bar. Leaving it against a wall like a longboard just seems like a bad idea. So, seems logical one would most likely decide to just lock it up outside? But is the bike rack the correct place?
Shit! I don’t know. But i want my non-fossil fuel burning self propelled brothers and sisters to know, i welcome you to lock your ride next to mine. Bicycles are transportation. And now, office chairs are transportation. Ride on!

Holiday Lights Bicycle Tour


Luckily this massive Santa in the Meadows was friendly!

The Bicycle Action Committee of Key West sponsored two tours and I made it out to the second tour on December 23rd and had a great time. I was running late and the dang thing started on time so i caught everyone just as they were leaving. I had my mini-boombox but didn’t have time to load the same mix of mostly punk and reggae Christmas cover songs onto the mini ipod as I used in a past Holiday Ride in a land much, much farther north and cold, so the best i could do was a tropical mix.

We started off with at least 60 or 70 people, many of which were dressed up or had decorated bicycles…awesome! We rode around Old Town and volunteers helped cork intersections when red lights threatened to separate the group; much like a smooth running critical mass ride. There was lots of laughter, caroling, libations and general shenanigans. I look forward to next year’s rides!


Not Mr. Hanky, but the other Christmas Pooh!


The obligatory group shot when we stopped at Bayview Park. Unfortunately, we lost over half the group here when it was announced the ride would continue into New Town for another hour and a half. WHAT!?! This announcement should have helped grow the group as there was plenty of time to still join us! Ohh well, the remaining riders continued on and had a great time. 


The owners of this house ran out as we passed by singing and dinging our bike bells. I gave them a candy cane.


As promised, blurry and out of focus! Sorry Clinton, but thanks for leading the ride!


Doggys are often along for the ride here in Key West.


Why stop with lights only on the house? Might as well decorate your boat too! Well done!

Please check out the website Conch Republic Cyclist for more photos and information from the ride and cycling on the island!

a chopper, a pennyfarthing and a fixie walk into a bar


This has been a common sight the last few days. Scott rides the chopper he built. Dave has been rocking the pennyfarthing everywhere; which is cool, because it makes a great bike rack when not moving! I have the boring fixie with a basket and Christmas lights.