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8/22/14 Derailed Boxcars near Rock Lake to La Crosse town park

Day 19 Derailed Boxcars near Rock Lake to La Crosse town park
8/22/14 Friday 44.62 miles





8/20/14 Harrison RV Park to Trestle near Lone Pine Road

Day 17  Harrison RV Park to Trestle near Lone Pine Road
8/20/14 Wednesday 48.25 miles





8/21/14 Trestle near Lone Pine Road to Derailed Boxcars near Rock Lake

8/19/14 Wallace, ID to Harrison RV Park

Day 16 Wallace, ID to Harrison RV Park
8/19/14 Tuesday 50.75 miles





















8/20/14 Harrison RV Park to Trestle near Lone Pine Road

8/18/14 near NorPac RR Tunnel #1 to Wallace, ID

Day 15 near NorPac RR Tunnel #1 to Wallace, ID
8/18/14 Monday 25.11 miles

IMG_0539The night went well.


IMG_0540The bearbagged food also went the night unmolested!




















IMG_4767Sometimes I like to think I am ūüėČ










Manana we ride a bulk of the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes!

8/19/14 Wallace, ID to Harrison RV Park

8/17/14 Saltese to near Borax Tunnel via the Route of the Hiawatha

Day 14 Saltese to near Borax Tunnel
8/17/14 Sunday 41.59 miles

Today we ride the Route of the Hiawathawith seven towering trestles and ten tunnels including the 1.66 mile long Taft Tunnel.

IMG_4763Those are really good numbers!

IMG_0450The trestle across from Mangold’s General Store and Hotel and where the day’s fun truly begins!

IMG_0451Getting up to the trail

























IMG_0527 IMG_0531



8/18/14 near Borax Tunnel to Wallace, ID

8/16/14 Big Pine Campground to Saltese

Day 13 Big Pine Campground to Saltese
8/16/14 Saturday 66 miles

A very varied day! We started in the Lolo Wilderness on dirt and gravel roads, made it back to the pavement, rode 30 miles west on i90 (both east AND west lanes) and finally made it to Saltese, 66 miles later! There was also some rain, milkshakes and near death by decapitation. Read on for all the details!

IMG_0419The daily routine of packing up is always better when not raining and I remembered to take a campsite photo. Great start to the day, yeah?!

IMG_0420The Champion Ponderosa Pine of Montana and a little Chilly Willy! Big, big, big, big tree!!!

IMG_0427The ride back up the hill wasn’t nearly as bad as we were worried yesterday as we cruised down it, enjoying the coasting. It actually seemed way shorter than we remembered. Here we are about to return to pavement and we are pumping our tires back up to the max inflation legally allowed by law. Or common sense. Or something.

IMG_0430And we’re back on i90 again, exit 66 to exit 61 at Tarkio. Compared to the Overseas Highway in the Keys, this feels super safe! Very wide shoulder.

IMG_0432The next 15 miles of frontage roads sometimes wandered away from the interstate and into wonderfully quiet fields and forest. This was great riding.

IMG_0433Really, really enjoyable riding! I am not sure if this before or after Superior, Montana; but the riding was certainly superior!

IMG_0435Eventually, the pavement turned to gravel and climbed and climbed and climbed enough to prompt us to study our maps and make sure we we on the right track. All seemed good.

IMG_0438 Then the largest climb so far actually crested high enough to bring us up into some rain and wind. The steep gravel descent turned into pavement near the bottom of the hill and we coasted into St. Regis and to a 1950’s style diner with burgers and milkshakes. mmm…..huckleberry milkshakes!

We debated to stay in town  at an expensive private campground (41 miles for the day so far) or to pound out another 25 miles on i90 to Saltese. We finally decided to go for it and walked outside to our bikes. As we started pedaling, the sky started sprinkling. But it soon dried up again.

IMG_0441As the lanes were shifted and the left lane closed, it became very dangerous to be in the right lane. As we approached one bridge crossing with a minimal shoulder, a wide load passed us with a concrete slab overhanging the full shoulder and over the guardrail. Scary. If we had been a minute faster….Fuckshitdamn! Soon we had to switch riding to the left shoulder as it was far, far safer and more removed from traffic and any danger.

IMG_0444Soon we were on the empty and recently paved eastbound lanes and riding west, while cars and trucks were sharing the other set of lanes.This was really nice after the stressful riding earlier with little wiggleroom and very close passing.

IMG_0445Is the Nursery itself historic? Or is this the regular nursery of a Historic Tree? We wondered something to that effect for many miles of these signs.


This was long awaited as well.


Home sweet home for the night! Very lucky we even found this place.


What a day!


8/17/14 Saltese to near Borax Tunnel

8/15/14 Missoula to Big Pine Campground

Day 12 Missoula to Big Pine Campground
8/15/14 Friday 45 miles

IMG_0369Packing up our bicycles after waiting out some threatening weather. The comfortable bed also certainly contributed to sleeping in a little bit! Our stay with Barbara was really nice and we got some important domestic work done like thoroughly scrubbing and cleaning our water bottles.¬† The science experiments were killed! We felt¬† pretty dang refreshed as we pulled away from our host’s house of the last two nights.

IMG_0372That’s a lot of bicycles and crane work and we’re not sure why. But definitely looks pretty cool. Anyone familiar with it? Please comment away!

IMG_0375The break from the sun was nice and worth the threat of a downpour. Earlier, many of the ridges were in the clouds, but the valley and us stayed dry. Great riding weather.

IMG_0377And we’re now riding bicycles on Interstate 90.¬† It is a really nice and wide shoulder though, and feels safer than some of the secondary roads we have been on! The perpendicular rumble strips weren’t an issue at all. Keep in mind we were also running some 26×2.1’s in anticipation of lots of gravel, dirt and railroad ballast. Oh my.

IMG_0380Nice little preview of what’s to come..lots of amazing old railroad trestles and bridges.

IMG_0381First flat of this trip. Not sure what tire could have won that battle! At least we had shade, glorious shade and great scenery for the work of swapping tubes.

IMG_0383And we’re back again on i90, but the shoulder is still super wide and the riding really isn’t bad at all.

IMG_0384Our route soon took us back off the interstate and onto the very desolate and pretty much abandoned Old Highway 10. The road is seemingly forgotten by most.

IMG_0386Really, really beautiful riding and very, very little traffic. Those are good numbers!

IMG_0387Yes! Life is good. The road is being kind and we’re allll smiles. This is how you cross the country!

IMG_0389And we’re now officially enroute to the Champion Ponderosa Pine of Montana, down several miles of dirt and gravel roads. We’re also pretty sure we are near the derailed railroad cars with airplane fuselages we saw on Reddit.

IMG_0390Definitely off the beaten path and loving it. Its been all down hill so far, leaving a long, dirty climb in the morning to retrace our path to i90 and continue west.

IMG_0392 There’s a few puddles best to avoid riding through! We¬† are really off the interstate now!

IMG_0393We made it! This is the primitive campground where the giant tree lives.

IMG_0394Several forest service fire fighters, a bear box and the biggest ponderosa pine in all of Montana. The bear boxes were great to see as we were really out there and a little concerned about food safety.

IMG_0395Terrance being Terrance. I love this little guy!

IMG_0404It is not a small tree! That’s Kerry. She’s a regular sized human! That is not a regular sized tree however.

IMG_0415Sunset was really nice. The low clouds and passing showers kept the sky ever changing and really pretty.

Hoping for a dry morning……

8/16/14 Big Pine Campground to Saltese

8/14/14 Missoula rest and explore day!

Day 11 Missoula
8/14/14 Friday 16 town miles











8/15/14 Missoula to Big Pine Campground

8/13/14 Salmon Lake State Park to Missoula

Day 10 Salmon Lake State Park to Missoula
8/13/14 Wednesday 50 miles

IMG_0350Home sweet home.

IMG_0351Banana prepared for oatmeal.

IMG_0352I never saw one before. I haven’t seen one since. Coin operated firewood vending machine.

IMG_0354The 40 foot tall cow we were told about.







IMG_4738The rumors are true! Free icecream for tourers at the offices of the Adventure Cycling Association!



8/14/14 Missoula Rest Day

8/7/14 Highline Trail, Glacier National Park

Day 4 The Highline Trail, Glacier National Park
8/6/14 Thursday 12 miles hiking in the sky!

We are spending a second night at Avalanche Creek Campground to explore more of the park! It is far too beautiful here to just pass through! And that’s the theme of our whole trip!

IMG_0248We took a free National Park Service  shuttle bus back up to Logan Pass. We planned to just walk down the Highline Trail a little bit.

IMG_0249Those are not patches of snow…..they are mountain goats chilaxin’ in the shade! The temps were in the 90’s during the middle of the day. We can see snow but still haven’t escaped the heat of Key West.

IMG_0250Barely 20 minutes into the trail we were stopped by a mama goat making it very clear not to get any closer to the kids at play. The standoff only lasted about 10 minutes and was quite entertaining.  We were then allowed safe passage.

IMG_0251Safe passage being a relative term!  There was a bit of a drop off on the narrow trail! Down below is the Going to the Sun Road. Unreal to be there. A week earlier a hiker and a grizzly almost walked into each other on the narrow trail and made it to the front page of the newspaper!

IMG_0257Looking back at Logan Pass. The views are amazing!!! A grand scale to behold. Absolutely fantastic!

IMG_0254Below you can follow the road and above is the trail. We each had a water bottle and a few snacks. We¬† found out at the trailhead that the 12mile trail ended at “The Loop”¬† where we could take the park shuttle back to our campsite. Good idea? Irresponsible? Was it even possible to turn back and ignore more of this scenery?!?!

IMG_0259Yeah, the trail was this ridiculously awesome! I had some water purifying tablets in my first aid kit and an unsure knee. Hiking 12 miles with no trekking poles at the beginning of a 2,500 mile bicycle tour wasn’t the safest idea…but how could we resist with views like that?!?! Why would we resist!?!?

IMG_0262SNOW! We were not mad at each other, but somehow a snowball fight may have happened. In August!

IMG_0264Snow! Not just for distant peaks!

IMG_0266Kerry getting in one last throw.

IMG_0268The trail truly climbed to Heaven! The scale is inconceivable!

This video gives a better idea of the scale! Wow!

IMG_0280Eventually we did descend. The hillside at the end of the trail had burned and many wildflowers enjoyed the lack of shade; we however, would have loved some shade! That sun was really beating on us.

We made it back to the hiker/biker site tired and happy. Knees still felt great and those views were still fresh in our minds.

Tomorrow we bike out of the park and make our way towards Missoula.
8/8/14 Glacier National Park to Columbia Falls