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more exciting coca-cola crate pictures

Cookies! I took this while camping at Burlingame State Park in Rhode Island and commuting to the beaches every morning. As seen here, the crates work quite well to carry an assortment of beach sundries including cookies. I really like cookies! The cool thing about camping here is Blue Shutters beach and miles of preserved beach are a free few minutes away by bike! Watch Hill, which will cost you $20-$30 to park a car for the day, is about an hour away pedaling casually and its free to lock up your bike! Very creative beach there too; there’s always some amazing sand sculptures, seaweed and stick sculptures and all kinds of other nice wierdness. Including fog! Many mornings we would arrive to thick fog, but as the sun rose higher, it’d burn away revealing a wonderful view of the ocean and surrounding cliffs.

Firewood collecting in the Everglades and beer transportation logistics; a winning combination!! Wandering around, breaking large branches, on uneven, potholey rocks can work up quite a thirst! Luckily, it was possible to stay hydrated and collect firewood for the night’s fire. Or the afternoon’s smokefest to keep bugs at bay while cooking or engaging in other campwork.

This isn’t my bicycle! Three or four years ago I had a great conversation with a woman I think was named Cheryl at the Parrot. Somehow bicycles and crates and baskets came up and she described the red crate on her rack. T’was the same one I had! She had also stuck some highly reflective stickers onto the basket which I promptly did to my own basket; it was a great idea!

This is my bicycle at the Parrot! Woo-haaa! One night around this same time period, back when I was only visiting and had begun driving my van down I awoke very confused. I had slept in my van and my bike wasn’t inside! How did someone get inside and steal it with me in there too!?!? A walk to the Parrot for an afternoon beer solved the mystery. My bicycle was already there, waiting for me…still locked up from the night before…

John and Amber

I barely caught this cute couple as they passed the shop riding together on a fixie. I wish I had a whole lot more interesting things to write….but i do not…but I really like this photo…so look at it again and quit reading this mindless drivel. thank you, carry on…

Snowballs in Key West


I took this a few weeks ago while waiting for lunch at Sandy’s on White street.  There were a few posts I wanted to keep at the top so I never put this one up. I thought an elf with snowballs in Key West was pretty damn funny; which is a great segue to complain about the cold on Monday night. WTF!?! I had to pedal home to grab a long sleeve shirt, vest and hat and was still chilly. Shorts prolly didn’t help matters. The low might have been 61, though that seems acceptably cold. However, last night the cold was not acceptable. I like cooler weather for riding and not being a sweaty mess, but last night’s libations commute felt like a fatal Artic trek. Ok, maybe not fatal, but we’re certainly losing a few digits to frostbite…

dave on the penny


Its mad fun riding with Dave on the penny. He’s developed a great feel for the bike now and is super comfortable riding fast and dippin’ through the streets. Or trackstanding at red lights. Or just bouncing up and down down like a fool on the seat.

I took this shot last week riding along the border of the cemetery enroute to somewhere or no where, i don’t remember.

Holiday Lights Bicycle Tour


Luckily this massive Santa in the Meadows was friendly!

The Bicycle Action Committee of Key West sponsored two tours and I made it out to the second tour on December 23rd and had a great time. I was running late and the dang thing started on time so i caught everyone just as they were leaving. I had my mini-boombox but didn’t have time to load the same mix of mostly punk and reggae Christmas cover songs onto the mini ipod as I used in a past Holiday Ride in a land much, much farther north and cold, so the best i could do was a tropical mix.

We started off with at least 60 or 70 people, many of which were dressed up or had decorated bicycles…awesome! We rode around Old Town and volunteers helped cork intersections when red lights threatened to separate the group; much like a smooth running critical mass ride. There was lots of laughter, caroling, libations and general shenanigans. I look forward to next year’s rides!


Not Mr. Hanky, but the other Christmas Pooh!


The obligatory group shot when we stopped at Bayview Park. Unfortunately, we lost over half the group here when it was announced the ride would continue into New Town for another hour and a half. WHAT!?! This announcement should have helped grow the group as there was plenty of time to still join us! Ohh well, the remaining riders continued on and had a great time. 


The owners of this house ran out as we passed by singing and dinging our bike bells. I gave them a candy cane.


As promised, blurry and out of focus! Sorry Clinton, but thanks for leading the ride!


Doggys are often along for the ride here in Key West.


Why stop with lights only on the house? Might as well decorate your boat too! Well done!

Please check out the website Conch Republic Cyclist for more photos and information from the ride and cycling on the island!

a chopper, a pennyfarthing and a fixie walk into a bar


This has been a common sight the last few days. Scott rides the chopper he built. Dave has been rocking the pennyfarthing everywhere; which is cool, because it makes a great bike rack when not moving! I have the boring fixie with a basket and Christmas lights.


Life is wonderful! I’m poor as hell, but so is most everyone else here right now. After pedicab shifts several of us walk across the street to the Green Parrot for free popcorn. Hungry, dirty, smelly, bicycle scavengers! Then its off to Cowboy Bill’s happy hour for $1 yuenglings and PBR’s.

Last Thursday I had a rare day off and went kayaking with the boys from Ohio. We basically just floated around the Gulf of Mexico between Key West and Stock Island, paddled to Cow Key Marina for a sixer and then floated to the Atlantic. A completely lazy afternoon under blue skies. I actually fell asleep in my ‘yak due to the sun and two beers. First time that ever happened. I liked it!

Riding around, both on the cab and my fixie, I see some strange, funny, beautiful, weird things. I most always take the full length of Duval Street on my ride home from the waiting gig. This is the main drag with about a million bars and another million tourist t-shirt shops. Its super fresh to see who’s pedaling and out and about and see how everyone’s day went. Truly a wonderful, small town in many ways.

This guy rode up next to me near the end of my shift in front of The Bull. Moped? Check. Spear gun? Check. Time to get some dinner!

Mad props to this dude! I can’t wait to find out the whole story. This bike is flash! Wow. Airplanes can see this set-up! There’s fake fish in those tanks! And also some great beats you can’t hear in the photo!

Close up of the fish; and of course, blurry and out of focus as promised.

My new camera has died. But, as Coreylynn told me, the universe will give you what you need. So my old, dying camera that finally bit the dust when dropped into the water of a drainage tunnel under Oakland, is now working again. Yes, there’s a rubber band holding the battery door closed, but blurry photos are on and poppin’ again! Woo-haa! The Beat Bike Blog cannot be stopped!

Dozens of Civil War reenactment soilders paraded by Perfect Pedicab and the Parrot Saturday afternoon at the end of the dayshift. Amelia, I wish you were here this week. Civil War stuff, the Parrot and yep, it really does happen, Jimmy Buffet did a a very intimate, unannounced show at Margaritaville. Duval street was a mess!

Suenalo at the Parrot. Dang these guys are good. Wow! We caught their Saturday night set and both “soundcheck” sets on Sunday. Both night sets were packed with people dancing to the Latin grooves. The friday set prolly was too! Please, please, please check this 11 piece band out, Hotness! Soooo soooo much fun!

Here’s some randomn shit you see on a pedicab. Surfboard, paddle and snorkeling gear!

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