8/6/14 Going to the Sun Road, Glacier National Park

Day 3 Going to the Sun Road, Glacier National Park
8/6/14 Wednesday 29 miles

IMG_0159This is the day! The big climb! The Going to the Sun Road proper! Up and over Logan Pass! There was road construction as soon as we left the campground. This was great for us because it created a need for one way at a time traffic and made the road super pleasant to pedal. A lot of it was also not currently paved; and more wilderness-y…no problem for our 26×2.1 phatties! Yeeahhh! Grizzzly Hood!!

Action pictures! Really nice riding.

IMG_0172Our bicycles wanted a break! There are so many spots to pull over and just stare at the mountains. Endless views.

IMG_0182We decided to have a snack. Our food situation had been critical due to slim pickings at the NPS store at the campground. These prepackaged sandwiches were found next to the milk and begrudgingly bought as there was nothing else. But dang did they taste good at this very moment!

IMG_0184The magnitude of the views is hard to photograph or describe in words. Its sooo big! And the riding is excellent. Very little traffic on well graded dirt. Yes!

IMG_0185Another great spot to just sit and stare at the mountains.

IMG_0192Or stare at the bighorn sheep.

IMG_0186Terrance is always smiling but he seemed extra happy here. Or maybe he needed more oxygen!?!? Or likes horny animals?! I like this guy!

IMG_0196We met Peter and Rich riding up the pass and shared some conversations, views and snacks; great guys to chat with.


IMG_0207The road keeps descending, clinging to the side of the valley. Inconceivable views! These photos cannot replicate the feeling of the grand scale of these mountains. Much more traffic on the western side, not that it was terrible. All traffic went the same speed downhill, 20-25mph!

IMG_0212The drop offs are pretty dang serious.

IMG_0214But make for absolutely amazing riding! The western climb is higher, so the downhill payoff from riding west is even greater!  It’s easy to just cruise downhill at 25mph,  with only cars and too much attention on the views the only things slowing you down.

IMG_0218Another spot we needed to stop and just absorb the view.

IMG_0219The scale of it all is inconceivable! It really, really is.

IMG_0223Bicycles are best for the road, but motorcycles may be a close second; at least for climbing!

IMG_0231This little guy wanted to try out my Adamo saddle. He seems to like it.

IMG_0232Thank you for making the decision to build a road that worked with the natural beauty rather than just rudely blast through. A great decision!

IMG_0236A lower part of the road where we had to actually pedal again. It was  still beautiful though. And we were looking up at the views instead of up, down and across!

IMG_0244Super clear mountain water.

IMG_0245And I mean super clear!

IMG_0247The Mikes of Santa Cruz were our hiker/biker campsite neighbors and recent UC grads, best if luck to y’all!

Tomorrow we plan on hiking around a little bit.
8/6/14 The Highline Trail, Glacier National Park

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