8/5/14 Glacier National Park

Day 2 Glacier National Park
8/5/14 Tuesday 0 miles!

Our bicycles remained at site 6 all day, but it certainly was not a rest day! Time for some hiking. Well, sort of. It was more like constantly wondering where the bear would be, while walking slowly!

IMG_0137We learned of a waterfall and a pool to soak your feet in a few miles down the Otokomi Trail. But we weren’t sure if those were two things at one location or two separate places all together.

IMG_0121Bears! BEARS! Much of our first few hundred miles is in prime grizzly country. Everything we read about bears in these areas and about bicycle travel through these areas make it clear: It’s not will you see a bear, its when and how many! We decided to buy bear spray. And we hiked super aware.

IMG_0146We chilled here for a bit enjoying the cold water and picnicking. We sat back to back to ensure we had eyes in all directions. Just in case. The loud, moving water masked any sounds we made, making it easier to startle a bear moseying by.

IMG_0154Our first campsite of the trip! We’ve got a few thousand miles ahead of us and will call many beautiful places home for the night.

IMG_0132Alpine sunset. And late too. The sun was setting about 9PM and it was light out til 10! Much later than we are used to in Key West.

Keep on reading!  8/6/14 Going to the Sun Road, Glacier National Park

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