Key West Hardcore recap

KW hardcore color0001
Its August, its hot, the sun is intense…lets have an alleycat! Awesome idea!
Many thanks to Paradise Tattoo, Help Yourself, Fixed Gears, Bad Boy Burritos and Conch Traders for helping out with prizes and checkpoints. Also special thanks to Don’s Place, the last checkpoint/afterparty for the hook-ups!

DSC09773The race began at the White Street Pier.

DSC09776“Get ink at Paradise Tattoo 627 Duval” and Bucco was the guest artist!

DSC09778“drink the fresh, organic goodness they give you at 829 Fleming Street” which, of course is Help Yourself. Tampa Joe chugging a shot of almost frozen organic juice as Charlie and Robbie watch.

DSC09783“have fun under the Palm Avenue Bridge” Nobody knew which side of the bridge Ray was waiting at with his sharpee.

DSC09784Goodfellow stopped in the middle of the bridge, over the water, to check to see where the checkpoint was and then carried his freakin’ bike down the side rather than ride all the way around and saved some precious time.

DSC09793Brielle was not only first, not only on a mountain bike, not only riding on knobbies, but was almost 5 minutes ahead of 2ed place! She won new cruiser tires and a floor pump.

DSC09789Everyone post race showing off their tatoos from the checkpoint at Paradise Tattoo. Thanks again to don’s place for hooking us up and showing love.

more photos and shenanigans after the jump…click below!

The winners of the only two alleycats ever in Key west hula hooping…well, more like trying to hula hoop!

Bucco waiting for people at Paradise Tattoo.


“don’t puke at 3rd and Fogarty (go to yard on northwest corner)” MaryMosBeff was waiting for people with two hands face down…pick one. “V” got you a shot of rice wine vinegar. “W” got you a shot of  Worcester Sauce. yummy!

DSC09807amy and marymosbeff chillin’ at the Truman waterfront at the after after party. we had timed slalom races through all the posts in the background but I forget who won. good times.

Heather on the Penny Farthing. This thing rolls over curbs, logs and little children like nuttin’!

amy and peppermintpatty from MIA speaking on something…but what? and why? prolly something far more interesting than this caption.

crazy jonothon at the Truman Waterfront

bikes bikes bikes at the Truman Waterfront

we came prepared.

jonothon and amy, i really like this crazy pic

patrick, owner of Fixed Gears lost amongst the bicycles

Jonothon getting some facepainting

amy and i decided a few days earlier it was impossible for a lone person to get onto the top of the bouy. we were wrong.

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