The Showdown in Old Town alleycat race


Key West’s first alleycat race! And its gonna be tropical craziness! There’s a lot of surprises in store for the racers and prizes for both fast riders and those on obligatorily rusted conch cruisers! I have certainly slacked on my blogging and organizing here, but this will more than make up for it. We got a lot of great local sponsors already supporting us with prizes and help. Props to Patrick at Fixed Gears, a bicycle repair shop on Simonton Street; Charlie at Help Yourself, a wonderful organic and green food spot on Fleming Street, Billy at Cowboy Bill’s, the island’s only Honky Tonk Bar, Charlie and Ron at Conch Traders, a great little gift shop at Clinton Square Market and hopefully a slew of other supportive businesses. Yeeeeehaaaawwww!

OK, enough with the bill paying, what about the race? You will need a basket or a bag and please don’t forget your lock and lights. Meet at the end of the White Street Pier at 6pm to register. We need volunteers for checkpoints, please come a few minutes early and wear a cowboy hat if ya got one or bring a bandana to wear around yer neck to help the racers identify the checkpoint peoples.

The final checkpoint and afterparty is at a bar, so, unfortunately this race is 21+. But…I have worked out $1 PBR’s all night for racers and volunteers!!

I’ll post more details as the event gets closer. To all my peoples in da ‘Beat, c’mon on down. I’ll find you a hammock, tent space, floor space, whatever you need to get down here.

Here’s the back of the flyer incase y’all have no idea what an alleycat race is all about:


no hints here about the checkpoints…..sucka!

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