Pacific Coast Route. Sept/Oct 2012

Pacific Coast Route
United States.Washington, Oregon, California
1232 miles September/October 2012

I rode a portion of the Pacific Coast Route from Seattle to Santa Cruz for about 4 weeks in September and October of 2012. My friend Corey and I escaped the hot, flat summer of Key West and enjoyed pedaling in hills, hills and fog. This is a truly amazing trip everyone should consider making! Wooohaaa! Go ride! (Or check out the trip below and dream about it for a little while….then get to planning and go RIDE!!)

Photos are all edited and uploaded and I am still finishing all the fish stories that go along with them. Lots of great stories and beta to share.
9/8/12 Seattle to Twanoh State Park
9/9/12 Twanoh State Park to Schafer State Park
9/10/12 Schafer State Park to Twin Harbors State Park
9/11/12 Twin Harbors State Park to Bay City KOA
9/12/12 Bay City KOA to Cape Disappointment State Park
9/13/12 Rest Day! Cape Not Disappointment
9/14/12 Cape Disappointment to Cannon Beach
9/15/12 Cannon Beach to Cape Lookout State Park
9/16/12 Cape Lookout State Park to Beverly Beach State Park
9/17/12 Beverly Beach State Park to Carl Washburn State Park
9/18/12 Carl Washburn State Park to Tugman State Park
9/19/12 Tugman State Park to Bullard Beach State Park
9/20/12 Tugman State Park to Humbug Mountain State Park
9/21/12 Humbug Mountain State Park to Harris Beach State Park
9/22/12 Harris Beach State Park to Jedediah State Park
9/23/12 Jedediah State Park to Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
9/24/12 Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park to Arcata
9/25/12 Arcata Gallivanting
9/26/12 Arcata to Albee Creek Campground, Humboldt Redwoods State Park
9/27/12 Albee Creek Campground to Burlington Campground, Humboldt Redwoods State Park
9/28/12 Humboldt Redwoods State Park to Standish Hickey State Park
9/29/12 Standish Hickey State Park to The Hills
9/30-10/1/12 The Mendo Experience: Hills and Kind Locals
10/2/12 Leggett to MacKerricher State Park
10/3/12 MacKerricher State Park to KOA near Manchester State Beach
10/4/12 KOA near Manchester State Beach to Stillwater Cove County Park
10/5/12 Stillwater Cove County Park to Bodega Dunes State Park
10/6/12 Bodega Dunes State Park to Taylor State Park
10/7/12 Taylor State Park to Marin Headlands Hostel
10/8/12 Marin Headlands Hostel to Halfmoon Bay State Beach
10/9/12 Halfmoon Bay State Beach to Santa Cruz

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