9/8/12 Seattle to Twanoh State Park

Day 1 Seattle to Twanoh State Park
9/8/12 Saturday 33 miles

ImageThe proper beginning of our ride south!

It was a familiar ride from Janelle’s house back downtown to the pier area where we found the Bremerton Ferry. Bicycle’s First! Bicycles are the first to board the ferry as well as the first to take off! Wooohaaa! Loving the west coast so far!


The ferry to Bremerton was crisp! Beautiful!


After being in the Florida Keys for so long, it was surreal seeing a cold saltwater community and the very different trees, animals and snow capped peaks in the distance!

Soon after disembarking I remember turning left and seeing a hill that went up and up and up, pausing only briefly at intersections where one has a few lanes of flatness before resuming the climbing. Wow! The hill was soon conquered however and life was great again, especially riding along the Hood Canal.


The Twanoh State Park h/b site is waterfront, only 40ish feet from the shore! We had it to ourselves as there were no other hikers, bikers or boaters traveling this night.

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