Seven Mile Bridge Ride April 9, 2011

DSC03622Good morning from the Seven Mile Bridge! A few friends and I caught rides up to the north end of the bridge where thousands of runners and spectators were gathered for the annual Seven Mile Bridge Run. For several hours, busy Rt. 1 will be shut down at both ends of the bridge, leaving a wake of less traffic in all points south for several hours. We started across just as the road was closed and shared the bridge with only a few cars and trucks setting up aid stations for the run.
DSC03627I’ve driven by this plaque at 50mph hundreds of times. Never so much been able to read it…til now!

The Old Seven Mile Bridge had a swing section that was destroyed by a propane explosion triggered from a stream of events starting with an tracker trailer carrying overheight cargo striking and damaging the bridge structure. The bridge keeper, Peter Fancher, was killed; a week away from retiring.


DSC03629Pat (Fixed Gears), Christa, myself and the Seven Mile Hump! The sky was quickly ever-changing as the Sun rose towards the horizon. And Quiet. No sound 0f cars and trucks, just the wind and lapping waves.


DSC03633The tree!
DSC03635I’ve watched this little feller eek out a life on the old bridge for years now.


DSC03637The views were flabbergasting!!!

DSC03639Sunrise! Absolutely beautiful morning and NO TRAFFIC!!!!!

DSC03646Stellar! Did I mention the sounds of birds, waves and wind? The lack of trucks and cars whizzing by at 60mph?

DSC03648Yeah, that was pretty awesome. And this closed bridge will stop all southbound traffic while we continue on to Key West. What a day!

DSC03651More bicycles than cars on the Bahia Honda Bridge!

DSC03649Lovely riding conditions this morning in the keys.

DSC03653Thanks for a great morning y’all!

DSC03654I didn’t flat out, put picked up some road debris. I wish my timing trying to salsa was this good.

One response to “Seven Mile Bridge Ride April 9, 2011

  1. Brad Donaldson

    I can’t think of a better annual tradition, one with no cars no less. Fantastic. Moab and its half marathons twice a year along hwy 128 results in something similar as the river hwy is almost as narrow and harrowing with traffic as the 7 mile bridge conditions. I took note when running the race how nice it would be to bike before and after when the route is closed to car traffic but have never done it. Good for you in making it a healthy, on so many levels, tradition. Fun!


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