9/10/12 Schafer State Park to Twin Harbors State Park

Day 3 Schafer State Park to Twin Harbors State Park
9/10/12 Monday 48.42 miles

IMG_0937We awoke to blue skies and sunshine. I moved our camp from the cold, and shady wet campsite to the open, and sunny group area. What a needed change! We dried our clothes, ground sheets, tents,; flys ourselves! Everything!

IMG_0939Behind the picnic tables were thick and abundant blackberry bushes. Wow! They made the oatmeal spectacular. A really wonderful way to be eating and touring; seriously wonderful.

Soon after we began pedaling the rain returned, but stopped in Brady. There is an excellent little used road paralelling 12 for most of the way to Montesano.

Today we saw our first fellow bicycle travelers, logging trucks and even nuclear domes…oh my! This trip has thrown a little bit of everything at us so far possible, the future cannot be boring.

IMG_0941The two lane highway speed corridor of sucksville into Aberdeen sucked! It especially sucked when busses passed by you in the tiny lanes with the sound and shock waves bouncing around the concrete. The unrelenting walls on all sides also preventing any egress or wiggle room. Oy. But the bridge over the Chehalis River was a nice sight and a bit more relaxed.

IMG_0944Looking down from the Bridge crossing the Chehalis River.



IMG_0949South Beach? Having traveled from Key West this was super confusing.

We arrived at dusk, camping next to Jo from Scotland and David from SoCal. I originally wrote in my journal, “She’s super cool, riding from Vancouver to Terro del Fuego. David talks. A lot.” Jajajajaja! So funny now! Over the next year I would miss Joanna by days on three separate trips to Nicaragua in March, the Peruvian Andes in July and so, so very close in southern Peru in September! We’ve kept in touch and she’ll be finishing in a few months! Woooohaaaaa! Well done, a bottle of port is needed!

And our other new friend, soon known as Talker Dave, who loved his native California and always was kind enough to share insights into potentially lethal harm lurking about at every meal and campfire! Super nice guy, total character; hope he’s currently exploring back roads in the Sierra.

We walked down to the beach at night, kicked off our shoes, yamked off warm socks and rolled up our pants as high as we could and frolicked in the cold water under a starry sky. So clear and so cold. And beautiful.




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