9/9/12 Twanoh State Park to Schafer State Park

Day 2 Twanoh State Park to Schafer State Park
9/9/12 Sunday 45 miles

IMG_0929T’was a very raw and rainy day climbing in the hills.

An early morning fog chased us into a picnic pavilion to finish packing up and cook breakfast. I had also hid my battery charger, plugged into an outlet, the night before and was happy to have a full stock of fully charged batteries.

The rain continued all morning and afternoon as we climbed into the hills on wet, windy roads. Make that steep, wet, windy and steep roads! I’m talking about double granny action crawling along at 5mph; up, up,up. At one point I thought I saw a goat up on an embankment alongside the road, nope, it was a goat….a freaking goat! I told you were had climbed a lot!

The rain never really stopped, nor came down heavy; just a very raw, wet day. And night. We got wet. Good night.

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