9/11/12 Twin Harbors State Park to Bay City KOA

Day 4 Twin Harbors State Park to Bay City KOA
9/11/12 Tuesday 52 miles

IMG_0951The morning start! Sloooow start!

We cooked a delicious breakfast of simple scrambled eggs and some of the locally smoked sausage we bought yesterday afternoon! Then we were off to see the beach in the daytime! Wow, what a difference.

IMG_0955This section of the trail was quite mysterious last night by headlamp as the surf crashed somewhere in the distance.

IMG_0956The Pacific! In full, glorious daylight! And warmer than last night!

IMG_0961Numbness setting in quickly. The water’s like 50something degrees! Brrrr!!!!

IMG_0962The ride to Raymond was officially the start of coast riding.  Beautiful bays, tidal flats, twists, dips, cliffs, big trees and a cool breeze…yes please! Woooohaaaa!


IMG_0968Raymond was a trip! I am glad we at least spent a little time here. We stopped at a laundromat to charge our phones and wash our clothes and walked around a bit.

IMG_0970Lots of really awesome sculptures and mobiles all over town done by the same artist. Lots and lots of them actually.  I am glad we explored a little bit and didn’t realize there’d be laundry facilities at the KOA Kampground that night. Typing camping with a “K” kinda makes me puke in my mouth a little. Or it used to. Kamping is obviously to be avoided if seeking nature and wilderness. That’s what BLM, national forests and the backcountry are for. But on biketour, Kamping means hot showers, clean clothes, power outlets, pinball and a general store with ice cream.

IMG_0972We climbed a few steep hills.

The town of Bay City was at the bottom of the hill. And the beginning of the horrible headwind. Sucked. Blew. Whatever. Soooo no bueno. But quite pretty I must say. Once In “town” there were some really cool looking old fishing boats at the dock.

IMG_0973There were blackberry bushes all around the campsite. Tasty, flush bushes; always near wherever the missed frisbee landed.


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