where are my bike lock keys?


Two locks…nice and secure. That’s usually a good thing.

Mary Beth and I locked up our bikes here and walked over to Sunset Pier with a gift certificate I had won a few months back at Green Drinks. 50 bucks! woo-haa! We ate, we drank, we enjoyed the great view and the sunshine. Life was good.

This picture was taken seconds after she realized her bike lock key was back at my apartment! Uh-ohhh. Them bicycles ain’t going anywhere. What could we do? There was only one choice. We another round in to-go cups and laughed about it while walking back to my apartment to grab the keys.


yep…and there they are!

One response to “where are my bike lock keys?

  1. I planned the whole thing out just to get more time with Chill Will.


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