8/12/14 Condon to Salmon Lake State Park

Day 9 Swan Valley Centre, Condon to Salmon Lake State Park
8/12/14 Tuesday 36 miles

IMG_0340The phone booth in front of the store.


IMG_0343I wasn’t expecting to still be able to see jagged peaks and snow fields. Nice!

IMG_0344We had a nice bike path to enter the town of Seeley Lake. It was very windy, hazy and smelled of fire. We found a grocery store to stock on supplies and find dinner. We ate lunch in town in a gazebo.

The road from Seeley Lake to Salmon Lake had no shoulder and the heaviest traffic we had seen all day. The riding sucked. The road dropped off pretty well a few times on the narrow highway. There were a few rollers, but nothing too bad.

IMG_0346We enjoyed a pleasant hike to the lake and found a nice covered picnic shelter. We decided to cook here since it was looking to sprinkle or rain a little bit. Chili and quinoa saves the day!

We arrive in Missoula manana!
8/13/14 Salmon Lake State Park to Missoula

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