7 Mile Bridge Ride 4/4-4/5 2014

IMG_4239All packed and ready to go! We’re ready for a quick escape from the sandbar. A one night mini tour with two oceans! (We don’t let facts get in the way of a good story down here!)

IMG_0209Kerry flatted out near a tiny patch of shade and wisely took advantage of it.

IMG_0211This is nice! This section of the trail is completely separated from the road and really quiet. A delight to ride. There’s even a bakery on it!

IMG_0212The Good Food Conspiracy is always a great stop. Great service, great food and a good time to take a break if riding to Knight’s Key. They have prepared food as well as lots of healthy snacks for camp or while riding.

IMG_4243Our campsite. No shade for the weary. But there is a tree very close by. Swimming a little further. And a bar and grill a bit past that. All in all, not a scary survival situation!

IMG_0216Pre dawn on the edge of the Seven Mile Bridge. Traffic is still flowing and thousands of runners are gathering and preparing for the big run.

IMG_0226Sunrise just past the hump and noooooo traffic! This is the only way to really enjoy this bridge. I can hear the waves below, birds above and the wind all around me.

IMG_0230My friend on the Old Seven Mile Bridge.

IMG_0231We  stopped at the Big Pine Flea Market for breakfast. Not just donuts. We ordered some breakfast sandwiches and coffee from another vender as well. We really need to figure out a good, easy and super lightweight coffee solution for short trips like this one.

IMG_0232See, I told you we ordered something besides donuts!

IMG_0238Welcome to Paradise, don’t burn! No, seriously. Cover yourself up, the sun ain’t no joke down here. I’ve been using fishing shirts for riding; they are made to block the sun and dry quickly. They also, to the average Florida driver, make you look a little less like some bicycle freak on the road and a bit more like a fisherman! No matter what, covering up is a really good idea.

IMG_0239This section of the Overseas Heritage Trail is how it should be. Businesses embracing a safe and separated path. Nice views. No endless procession of cars. This is a little slice of paradise right here!

Another great year, and the second year of the tradition of biking up the night before and camping at Knight’s Key. We don’t need cars for this bicycle ride!

2013 Seven Mile Bridge Ride

In 2012 the Seven Mile Bridge Run was cancelled due to severe thunderstorms and I choose not to ride that year!

2011 Seven Mile Bridge Ride

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