Seven Mile Bridge Ride 2013

IMG_3025These newer sections of the path are really, really nice. The 15 mile ride to Baby’s is much nicer with the additional path and no road shoulder riding. The pounding sun is great for charging up some batteries with solar panels for use tonight.

IMG_3031Bucci Esperanza, my touring bicycle has 26×1.5 kevlar slicks. There is lots of road debris along this highway. The arm protectors are a must as well. It may only be April, but the sun here is intense.

IMG_3030The Good Food Conspiracy on Big Pine Key is always a great stop. But at about he 30 mile mark of 47 total, its a really, great stop and time for smoothies and foods. And shade. And ice water. This place has everything! It even has an awesome back area that some people never notice.

IMG_3034We set up camp at Knights Key and walked over to the Sunset Grille and Raw Bar, the giant tiki you see at the foot of the Seven Mile Bridge. Drinks and yums. Yeah, life is good!

IMG_3037There were over  dozen riders racing back to the island on the empty predawn bridge.

A short video of the Old Seven Mile Bridge tree, Kerry and Steve who joined us for the ride back. The peloton sped ahead with no intention of stopping for breakfast or photos!

IMG_3043We stopped for breakfast at the Big Pine Restaurant. There were also six guys there riding the Keys as part of an annual tour they do somewhere across the United States.

BoondocksscreenshotThe guys left before us as we slowly finished up eggs, gravy and other health food. Unfortunately we came upon them in front of Boondocks soon after one member of their party had been rear ended by a van at full speed. The driver admitted to veering and not paying attention and was ticketed. The rider suffered no broken bones, but was severely bruised and scratched up.

IMG_3045The Bat Tower! I have wanted to see this dang thing for over 10 years, from the land or sea, but never got around to it! The Bat Tower!

The tower was built in 1829 by a local fishing lodge owner to help control the rampant mosquito population. Current, cutting edge scientific research was used in the construction. The bats were released into the structure. And they flew away never to be seen again

Another great year, and the beginning of the tradition of biking up the night before and camping at Knight’s Key. We don’t need cars for this bicycle ride!

In 2012 the Seven Mile Bridge Run was cancelled due to severe thunderstorms and I choose not to ride that year!

2011 Seven Mile Bridge Ride

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