sometimes it’s a really good idea to totally ignore what mom tells you to do!


I really wish i remembered this gentleman’s name. He arrived at the shop with his seat mounted to a wooden dowel on his bicycle because he needed a new seat post! The dowel was his only available alternative to walking. Well done!

As awesomely great as that story was, it was only a small part of the story of a man and his bicycle. Many years ago, his mother gave him money to buy a suit. And did he listen? No he didn’t! ! No, he went out and spent the money on a brand new bicycle! And still rides it to this day. His words were something like, “If i had bought that suit, it’d be long gone by now, but I still have my bicycle.”

Ain’t life grand!?

3 responses to “sometimes it’s a really good idea to totally ignore what mom tells you to do!

  1. I don’t want to bring your otherwise fun site down, but I’d like to share a little food for thought. My name is Tony and I’ve been riding the mean streets of Key West for almost 17 years. I ride several bikes, but the one I was operating May 15th was my Trek 9.7 carbon fiber. A delivery truck, driving too fast and without a signal, whipped into the Key West Yacht Club exit because he missed the entrance. I had just looked over my shoulder for less than a second to check the next vehicle for a signal when I turned back to see nothing but gigantic box truck in front of me. I had only time to turn my face before plowing into the truck.

    Subsequently, I broke two vertebrate in my neck and the surgeons in Miami have no idea why I’m not paralyzed. I’m recovering at home after surgery to remove the bone fragments that were putting pressure on my cord causing excruciating pain and temporary paralysis. The only reason I’m sharing my story is I don’t want any of you guys, gals, or readers to go thru the same pain and agony I’m experiencing now. It’s taken 43 years for someone else being careless to take me out. Before the 15th, the only wrecks I had were self inflicted. So please, be careful and never assume your good to go. Be safe.


  2. Oooops…April 15th. Thank you makers of Oxycodone.


  3. He’s probably a billionaire.


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